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Nashville, Tennesseee

Our goal at ILLUMILON is to provide a dynamic Fishing light that provides portability, flexibility, and best in industry brightness. Our product provides you a resource for night-time fishing with the UV setting, bait gathering with the Green LED setting, and all around safety with the White LED setting.


The flexibility of the ILLUMILON fishing light removes the tiresome, sometimes unattainable locations of getting light on an area to fish when fishing from the bank (use a tripod) or boat (suction cups are provided with the unit).

We have designed a solution around individual users need for freedom in performing tasks unfettered, which once required a battery plug and multiple UV lights. We believe this light is so bright, adjustable, and flexible you will use it around the campsite, hiking, and even around the home for those hard to reach places.



  • 390nm UltraViolet (UV) LED Lights. Adjustable up to 2700 mW.

  • Commercial Grade Flex-arm for Universal Allocation of Light! 

  • 180 degree Pivotal LED Head. 

  • White Cree® LED lights. Adjustable up to 300 lumens.

  • Green Cree® LED lights. Adjustable up to 340 lumens.

  • Nine (9) Specific Dial Light Settings (Low/Medium/High).

  • Switchcraft® connectors.

  • Microprocessor to ensure exact light output, voltage, safety, and monitoring of (Lithium Ion) battery recharge.

  • Power Supply for battery recharging and 4 suctions cups for surface mounting goes with the each of our portable fishing lights. Unit can adapt to any camera mounting Tripod stand to ensure proper setup when on the side of lake, river, pond, etc. to fish.

  • Hours upon hours of light without ever needing to recharge: (Sustained Light times do vary on charge. Typically, a fully charge unit will outperform any other light on the market! Examples of tested times are listed below:

    • UV Blacklight - High= 6-7hrs. before shutting off. Medium=12-13hrs., and Low= over 100hrs sustained UV light.

    • White Cree® - High= 7-8hrs. before shutting off. Medium= 9hrs., and Low= over 100hrs. sustained light.

    • Green Cree® - High= 7-8hrs. before shutting off. Medium= 9hrs. and Low= over 100hrs. sustained light.


We are Veteran Owned and our units assembled and quality checked at the facility in Round Rock, TX.