The ILLUMILON portable UV Fishing light weighs approximately 2.4lbs. with dimensions of 5” width, 6” length, 1.5” height, and the flex-arm is 13.5” fully extended.  The housing consists of an anodized aluminum closure and rotating LED head (180 degree turning radius ) and is weatherproof. There is a rare earth magnet (specifically, a neodymium magnet) located inside the main enclosure that keeps the LED head "locked" from moving away from its stored position. 


  • UV LED Details

    • Three Super UV LEDs. Each LED outputs 900 mW of UV light.  At the High setting, the Illumilon light drives the LEDs with 600 mA providing approximately 2700 mW of light.

  • White LED Light Details

    • Two Cree® white LEDs to provide general illumination. The LEDs provide approximately 300 lumens of light.

  • Green LED Light Details

    • Two Cree® green LEDs as an alternative to white light illumination. The LEDs provide approximately 340 lumens of light.

  • Power (Internal Battery) Details

    • The Lithium Ion (Li-ion) cells integrates safety with a protection circuit module (PCM).  The PCM monitors the cells for a variety of unsafe conditions and mitigates them by cutting off the battery pack before anything dangerous occurs.

    • The charging circuit of the Illumilon light monitors the voltage of each battery cell separately during charging operations.  This allows the charging circuit to stop charging in the event of any unexpected battery conditions – such as low voltage on any of the cells. 

  • External Controls

    • Three light modes.  This fishing light only produces one color of light at a time, so the three modes are mutually exclusive.

    • Mode selection switch consists of a ten position rotary switch.  For each of the three light colors, there are Low, Medium, and High settings. The 10th position is an “Off” setting that allows the light to be turned off with the rotary switch.

    • When the Illumilon light is charging, the blue backlight of the master On/Off switch flashes every few seconds.  This indicates the charging circuit is actively charging. All of the external controls are water tight to prevent water from entering the interior of the ILLUMILON.

  • Light Mounting Options

    • Mounting options to assist in a variety of applications.

      • Any standard camera tripod can be used to elevate the light or position it in a desired location.  

      • Four rubber suction cups are included with the ILLUMILON to secure the light on a flat surface such as the gunwale of a boat.


The technology development was driven by Agile Technology, Inc. and their engineers. They have engineered this product to meet every demand that was put on it during testing. The quality and durability of the ILLUMILON is a testament to the time and thoughtfulness put into every aspect of the ILLUMILON portable light.

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