- UV LED outputs light in the 410 to 420 nm range, providing approximately 900 mW of light.


- Two White "Cree" LEDs, outputs Cool White light. Each LED outputs 170 lumens of light. A total of 340 Lumens.


- Two Green "Cree" LEDs. outputs Green light. Each LED outputs 130 lumens of light. A total of 260 lumens.


- Variable Switch for light selection and intensity. 


- Flexible Arm that allows light head placement for desired light location.


- LED On/Off switch/charging indicator  


- Heavy duty extruded aluminum case and extreme weatherproofing. 


- "Smart" memory PCB.


- 18650 Lithium Ion (Li-ion) cells


Power Supply and Switch: Included for rechargeable batteries. 

Suction Cups: included for secure placement on boat gunwale and surfaces. 


SKU: L00003

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