The ILLUMILON portable light is ideal for fishing, hunting, and all-around utility work. Here’s a comment from one of our new customers who recently put the ILLUMILON portable light to work!









“Finally, a light that has answered my needs for blacklight portability and works!”



I wanted to thank you for the quick response and sending me the ILLUMILON overnight, “THANK YOU”! We do a lot of fishing both from the bank and boats. I was absolutely and pleasantly surprised at the amount of light this UV blacklight give out. We were night fishing from the bank and used the tripod to adjust and tweak the light to be directed, and with the adjustable arm was on point all night without having to change our positions! 

This unbelievable blacklight not only provided us with the ability to see our fishing line at night, but when we had to have a regular white light to change our baits, it was as easy as turning the knob. Finally, someone has answered my needs for a portable black light that works!


Robert P, - - , MN


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